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Post by iDec on Fri Sep 16, 2011 9:17 am

Barely play this compared to Classic. (Excuse my N00bin')
Online time:34 Hours (Yes noob)
Gralats: 67 (Personal best)
Align: -88 (GANGSTER)
Kills: 149
Weapons: Starter Gun,Starter knife,Explosive Barrel,Confusion Gas,Poison Gas,Frag Grenade,Petrol bomb,Water bomb,AK-47,Water gun,Proximity mines & Timed bombs (Come at me bro.)
Vehicles:Red lamborghini car/Skateboard.
Hats:Propellar cap(FLYFLYFLY),Red Mask(Cuz I'm a 'G'), & That is all.
My next kill MIGHT be on you, IN APPROXIMATELY 72 Days. Cheers
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